Zoe Larimar

Multi-talented Witch

Teacher and reader of tarot and astrology. From Scotland, she is now based in Taiwan


Combining Hellenistic and modern astrology, Zoe provides both 90 minute natal chart readings and a beginner's course in studying the fundamentals of astrology.90 minute reading - $3000ntd / $111usd
60 minute class - $2000ntd / $77usd
--Please email to arrange a reading or to join the course.
--You can check the calendar to see availability.
--Sign-up for Zoe's letters to learn more about her approach to astrology.
--Payment via PayPal, Taiwanese bank transfer, BTC/ETH (please email for bank number/wallet address).


Using the Tarot of the Spirit deck by Pamela and Joyce Eakins, Zoe can help provide answers by connecting you to your own intuition. Either book a reading, or if you would like to strengthen your tarot practice, Zoe offers 1-to-1 tutoring.60 minute reading or class - $2000ntd / $77usd
30 minute reading - $1250ntd / $44usd
--Please email to arrange a reading or inquire about tuition.
--You can check the calendar to see availability.
--Payment via PayPal, Taiwanese bank transfer, BTC/ETH (please email for bank number/wallet address).


As a way of building community beyond physical locations, here is a directory of spiritual workers and their offerings. Everyone has direct connections to Zoe and she recommends their gifts!

Leonie Reyneke

Leonie is a shamanic practitioner who offers workshops, and healing services for both groups and individuals. Her services include; Angelic Reiki, energetic extractions, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, and sound healing.
[From South Africa, living in Taiwan.]

Casey Abbott Payne

Casey is a Daoist wizard and a Tai Chi master, who is working on his 108 cycle/Flowism system. Connect with him if you're interested in community building, or his paid Tai Chi classes.
[From Milwaukee USA, living in Taiwan.]

Lisa Beck

Lisa is a bilingual (Deutsch and English) telepathic healer and spiritual artist, who offers soul paintings, guided meditations, 1-to-1 coaching, and more. Please visit her website to see all the services she has available.
[From Germany, living in Germany.]

Riyaz Jamal

Riyaz is a health specialist, who shares information on how to live a more human-centered life. He has a number of lectures and resources available on different topics, and stresses the importance of correcting your posture and positive self-image to fundamentally improve your health.
[From the UK, living around the world.]

Joanna (Yuta)

Joanna is a bilingual (中文 and English) healing artist. With a background in animation, Joanna is currently working at a spiritual café, where she offers feather readings.
[From Taiwan, living in Taiwan.]

Tatu Nikkanen

Tatu is a trilingual (Suomi, Deutsch, English) artist with a strong connection to folklore, mythology, and shamanism. After spending time professionally caring for others, he is now returning to the art world.
[From Finland, living in England.]